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The importance of education in life

You cannot deny the importance of science and education in the development of any society. Everything that surrounds us – equipment, things, objects of daily use – all this is the result of inspiration and hard work of many people, scientific inventions and discoveries. Due to complete their education each of us can become an expert or scholar – just have a desire and a little predisposition to a particular case. So well understood is the need for education and knowledge for further development and progress of a mankind.

Apparently, there is the side of life, which is not based on previously acquired and carefully stored knowledge now. Production of various goods, development of various industries, technological progress… This cannot be considered that education and knowledge is poured only at the material side of life. Impossible without scientific progress and knowledge would and cultural development. For once, it was first educated people were invented drawings for construction of buildings for the first time mixed paint to paint, when each of the instruments was handcrafted for the first time. Without these inventions and discoveries architect and designer have no idea myself how to combine individual building elements and build a beautiful and safe building, the artist would not be able to paint, and musicians would not play on anything and create beautiful music. And such examples can give endlessly.

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