Social Media

Discover about the influence of social and mass media on students’ minds.

Free speech for every student!

Let’s cease When College students strove to take up out a dialog concerning race by merely portray over a mural containing Kipling’s poem Within the occasion they definitely have been misconstrued When Learners at Manchester College painted a mural over. Commentators Model-Ed that the scholars”snowflakes”, their actions like”vandalism” and likewise their intentions”asinine”, a portion of […]

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Social networks in education

The social network is recognized as to become education’s opponents. Certainly, in the place of finding your way through the examinations, we’re in a position watch others is images to invest hours inside them or talk to friends. But, about the other hand, the Web group could be in understanding a great assistant. Subsequently, as […]

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Social network for kids

Many parents perceive the child’s desire to have his personal page in social networks with concern. Are these fears justified? According to the study, which was conducted in 2013, the “Foundation for Internet Development” with the support of Google among adolescents and parents digital competence of adults and children in our country are about the […]

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Tips for using Facebook in the classroom

Social networking has no place in school! Or is it a place? Let’s try to look at the main social network of the planet as a training tool. Teenagers spend on social networks is an unimaginable amount of time to use the opportunity to reach their hearts right through their favorite spot in the web […]

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Integration of social networks in the learning process Part 2

All of the sites that are above help develop conversation and the training procedure between all stakeholders. Organic recognition is attaining another kind of learning social networking is eLearning (Digital Training, e learning program by utilizing data systems). Modern supply distance education possibilities to help make the procedure more simple for that technology that is […]

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Integration of social networks in the learning process Part 1

At this time there’s extensive bulk ownership of interpersonal systems within the understanding procedure, therefore incorporation of systems and interpersonal solutions in training remains in popularity maximum. Not shed their placement and fun media systems, typically the most popular interpersonal networks getting together with an incredible number of academic sites: links to posts, press deliver […]

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The social network that will change the face of school education Part 2

Inside of Edmodo resembles Facebook: colors, interface design, layout. However, unlike the popular social network functionality Edmodo is significantly truncated and is focused exclusively on the process of schooling. There is also completely no external advertising. Each registered teacher network has the ability to create different groups: by subject, by class, by interests. Or it […]

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