If you want to learn some topic more deeply, you ought to know how to learn effectively. Here you will find a lot of useful articles about it.

How to find a teacher Part 3

As a rule, higher-quality communities harder to get (although this is not always the case). For example, a community of methodologists and philosophers in education is quite closed and conservative, people there are often academic way. That’s why I decided at the age of 22 to abandon the diploma, it was difficult to go there, […]

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How to find a teacher Part 1

If you have already put fear aside and are ready to start learning something new in her N years, it is time to address the issue of finding a mentor. Those from whom we learn, properly called our teachers, but not everyone who teaches us deserves this name. I pay a teacher, but teaching my […]

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Guide to self-education Part 2

Somehow, I had the task to convey the skill of drafting educational programs. And here I stood in a standstill. Tried to reflect on the experience, but was not specific universal techniques, algorithms writing programs. The yield was found to be “the Glue” in the process of the interdisciplinary skills (systemic thinking, creativity), and the […]

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Guide to self-education Part 1

A policy of independently building your educational pathway taken, mentors found, now it’s time to seek opportunities to form and expand their knowledge and skills. In previous articles we discussed what stops us from self-education and began to get acquainted with the first ways to build it: who can become your teacher and how to […]

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Machine learning for novices Part 3

The limitations of neural networks However, in neural networks there is nothing magical and in most cases, concerns about the script of “Terminator” is not baseless. For example, scientists have trained a neural network to recognize handwritten digits (the application might use, say, mail). How can run this app and why is there nothing to […]

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Machine learning for novices Part 2

Unsupervised learning Interesting situation is with unsupervised learning where unknown to us the “right answers”. Let us know about the height and weight a certain number of people. You want to group the data into 3 categories, for each category of people to produce a shirt of a suitable size. Such a task is called […]

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Machine learning for novices Part 1

With machine learning technologies today are confronted daily every resident of the metropolis. But not everyone knows what machine learning is really capable of. Machine learning every day takes more and more place in our lives due to the vast range of its applications. From analysis of traffic and ending self-driving cars, more tasks is […]

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Important skills for self-development Part 2

This is perhaps the coolest way to generate the same Global mindset, which is now called in the number of skills of the XXI century. However, this type of education can not afford it — most often wealthy parents, freelancers, people working remotely or having a good passive income. There’s a whole movement of the […]

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Important skills for self-development Part 1

Finish the series of articles on self-education, after which you are required to decide on the achievement of their educational goals. So, this is the final part of the series “Guide to self”. We already stepped through our main fears, found people important to surround yourself with, and who want to learn, began to use […]

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