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Distractions in the era of new technologies Part 2

How new technologies affect our lives Rosen and Ghazzali our generation put a disappointing diagnosis: “Look at the people in the restaurant, passers by on the street or those who are waiting for their turn on the show — for the most part you will see heads bowed to the screens of mobile devices. We […]

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Distractions in the era of new technologies Part 1

How to cope with the information glut, when our brain has not kept pace with plenty of challenges and distractions? Every time you talk on the phone while checking email, or reading a book with that music on, your brain is defeated. We are not adapted to multi-tasking, and it’s amazing how with all these […]

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How to be in demand in 2025? Part 2

Mercedes recently released the cars that passed on the autobahn 300 km without drivers. Man there are fewer places in industry and logistics. Programming is one of the islets of conditional security. Here in the heart of man, though everything is not so simple. More than 15 years of digitization — now everyone has a […]

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How to be in demand in 2025? Part 1

Abstracts authoritative experts on trends in the labor market of the future. We recorded the most interesting predictions shared by the speakers. Culture and creative economy Why not just learn the art remotely? Higher education is an environment, a language in which you speak. For youth is more important, not from whom they learn and […]

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True knowledge or just an illusion

Recognition. The way to know the pupil learned that the stuff only Possess an illusion of comprehension? & above all, the best way to do it he heard to identify those matters? “I understand I understand practically nothing”, Socrates stated. But he’s thought of as one among the maximum philosophers of humankind: a important mindset […]

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