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Guidelines on writing many different academic assignments, e.g. reports, reviews, thesis statements and more.

How to avoid plagiarism and work notes

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is called copying other people’s thoughts without reference to the author. According to some researchers, in modern student work contains about 50% of plagiarism in one form or another. Often from the teachers you can hear the phrase like “It’s not an independent study, but a good compilation.” Under compilation and […]

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Writing Professional Report

Strengthen visibility of client and better your communication by means of applying these basic steps when being engaged in composing the client report. Good writing skills are considered as an essential tool in any self-employed and professional ‘toolbox’. Efficient written interaction – especially when it comes down to client reports – proves to be important […]

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Good Performance Review Writing

Performance review reports give you the possibility to compliment employees, improve their incorrect actions, and deal with their future growth in a peculiar company. In the person of a supervisor, you will need to provide employees with constructive feedbacks, assuring yourself that the whole business operates well. While face-to-face conversations and regular informal comments have […]

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Are classic homeworks obsolete?

Main myths regarding homework, I can identify two. The first is that our children work, without raising his head, hard, and homework is a barrier to their normal life and development which prevents them to grow up healthy and happy. That is, homework too much and our children are incredibly overloaded. The second myth is […]

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How to write correctly Part 3

Should you examine Language having an instructor, he’ll offer numerous kinds of published function that may be done for that improvement of publishing to you. As well as for individuals who discover Language by themselves, you want to provide about where you can exercise notice a several helpful suggestions: Discover penpals Utilize well-known research websites […]

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How to write correctly Part 2

Read Wish to learn to write in Language? We will demonstrate just how to get it done. Reading is among the most significant actions that’s frequently overlooked. And incidentally, while reading you observe how “functions” used, the same syntax, created and coupled with one another words, etc. That’s in the act of reading you’re submerged […]

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How to write correctly Part 1

Writing is a skill, often neglected, it is much more attractive to learn to speak than to write English. However, if you are going to take the exam or use English at work, the skill of writing is necessary to develop. In this article we give tips that will help you learn to write English […]

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Help with Writing Thesis Statement

The thesis is considered as a statement made by a writer. Usually, the thesis introduces something that has to be backed up, illustrated, or argued. Well, remember that the thesis can be known not as the obvious piece; the given things are not the subject to confirmation. The given sentence operates as a roadmap for […]

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Work Report Writing

Writing a report paper is very important activity in all work areas; the language and layout of the report are important to assure yourself that the details are easily understood and accurate. The following facts mentioned below offer information concerning composing a clear and detailed report. The report includes information concerning a particular event, and […]

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