Modern Trends In Education

Check out, for what the different modern educational systems all over the world aim.

Today school as a prison Part 2

According to the American research, in 1981 children spent on games about 30% more time than in 2003. If we restrict this category of games in the open air, the percentage becomes even more impressive. With regard to psychological disease, this statistic is quite bleak: according to the results of psychological tests the symptoms of […]

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Today school as a prison Part 1

Critics of the school often speak of it as a prison where the child is deprived of his liberty to follow their own interests. That will be able to solve these problems, so similar to the problems of our “adult” world? Monday morning. K. goes to school feeling depressed and a little sick. He’s 14, […]

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Are we ready for the revolution? Part 2

There is no one here nor in the hall, or outside it who would not understand that without education the future cannot be, in education we need to invest. We have to turn to the legal principles of state private partnership. We have a large imbalance in education governance between regions and municipalities, and funding […]

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Are we ready for the revolution? Part 1

Here to talk about the future of the global economy and make billions of dollars of an international agreement. And 2nd of June in the framework hosted the panel session “the Revolution in education: are we ready?”. It was notable because it was attended by high-ranking officials, heads of big business and the Director of […]

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Innovations in education Part 3

9 of 20 ideas cannot be implemented without a computer For those who believe that educational technology is lagging behind progressive Europe, we inform: there are many different initiatives in the field of gamification and online education. The project “PandaMany” is an educational app to enhance economic literacy of children. Cute lovely animal can teach […]

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How education evolve Part 3

Maria Montessori, Italy. Basic ideas of Montessori: the independence of the student – the child learns himself, and the adult serves as a helper; freedom within established boundaries – instead of the traditional classes – a specially organized space in which the student organizes as he wants himself; “learning through discovery”: to work with the […]

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How education evolve Part 2

All begins to change dramatically during the transition to the second, industrial wave. There is a mass migration of peoples towards a new industrial centers, breaks up the Patriarchal family, the state becomes centralized and assumes a number of social functions. In these conditions, it becomes possible to obtain what was not available: there are […]

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