Modern Trends In Education

Check out, for what the different modern educational systems all over the world aim.

Innovations in education Part 3

9 of 20 ideas cannot be implemented without a computer For those who believe that educational technology is lagging behind progressive Europe, we inform: there are many different initiatives in the field of gamification and online education. The project “PandaMany” is an educational app to enhance economic literacy of children. Cute lovely animal can teach […]

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How education evolve Part 3

Maria Montessori, Italy. Basic ideas of Montessori: the independence of the student – the child learns himself, and the adult serves as a helper; freedom within established boundaries – instead of the traditional classes – a specially organized space in which the student organizes as he wants himself; “learning through discovery”: to work with the […]

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How education evolve Part 2

All begins to change dramatically during the transition to the second, industrial wave. There is a mass migration of peoples towards a new industrial centers, breaks up the Patriarchal family, the state becomes centralized and assumes a number of social functions. In these conditions, it becomes possible to obtain what was not available: there are […]

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A public online Harvard course on civil disobedience

Students of the school of management named after John F. Kennedy together with experts and teachers developed the online course “Resistance”. School of management named after John F. Kennedy’s prestigious faculty of Harvard University, consistently holding top rankings of the institutions that train future public managers, policy analysts, and economists. The motto of the institution — […]

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Do we need school marks?

The numbers one to five have the magic power that could lead to a quarrel or a generous gift. Why kids need the mark, says our author, and mother of two children. Until sixth grade my daughter went to school with no marks. “Without marks” is entirely without stars, flags and other crafty tools of […]

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Innovative school for programmers Part 2

What is the training Representatives of the School 42 do not control the work of students and checking only the final work. If students do not fulfill the task completely, it is considered failed (even if it was made 90%). According to Bloomberg, in 2014, the school has eliminated 100 students — they did not meet […]

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Innovative school for programmers Part 1

In 2013, opened in Paris a school of coding, where gaining young and often inexperienced programmers. They are given housing, and equipment and offer to run team projects. For admission do not need a degree in higher and secondary education, the school has no teachers and strict control, its main task is to give experience […]

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