Educational Technologies

Scientific progress does not stand still. Here we will show you some modern tools for more effective education.

Amazing 3D anatomy

Service BioDigital created in order to help us to understand your body and show it to aesthetics at all levels. BioDigital is a platform that offers its users to plunge into a 3D journey through the human body: to consider the musculoskeletal system, to meet the nervous or circulatory system, structure, etc. Bright detailed visualization […]

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Innovations in education Part 3

9 of 20 ideas cannot be implemented without a computer For those who believe that educational technology is lagging behind progressive Europe, we inform: there are many different initiatives in the field of gamification and online education. The project “PandaMany” is an educational app to enhance economic literacy of children. Cute lovely animal can teach […]

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How education evolve Part 3

Maria Montessori, Italy. Basic ideas of Montessori: the independence of the student – the child learns himself, and the adult serves as a helper; freedom within established boundaries – instead of the traditional classes – a specially organized space in which the student organizes as he wants himself; “learning through discovery”: to work with the […]

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How education evolve Part 2

All begins to change dramatically during the transition to the second, industrial wave. There is a mass migration of peoples towards a new industrial centers, breaks up the Patriarchal family, the state becomes centralized and assumes a number of social functions. In these conditions, it becomes possible to obtain what was not available: there are […]

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Contemporary tech in education Part 2

And as an example of successful innovation, we want to bring a few so called “New schools” of the twentieth century, to focus on that part of the reason we can even today. “New school” of the twentieth century. To name just a few examples of such schools. “School for life, through life” Was opened in […]

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