Educational Technologies

Scientific progress does not stand still. Here we will show you some modern tools for more effective education.

Modern ways to study biology and medicine Part 2

Biology It’s not even the app, is a pocket-sized tip, which presents short articles on key topics: “Cell”, “Root”, “Algae”, “insect Class”, “Division of fish”, “the Class mammals”, “Evolution of the animal world”, “An overview of the human body”, etc. Nothing new and amazing, but to repeat some lost in memory, the most fundamental thing […]

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Innovative trends in university education Part 2

Universities are of higher education in and the integration process of all higher educational institutions leading in the country and in the world universities that leads to appearance of University complexes. Translation of the higher education self-funded. The inclusion of universities in the upgrading of higher professional education taking into account requirements of international standards. Therefore, […]

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Innovative trends in university education Part 1

Innovations from the training method. Classification of Inventions. Countrywide educational version. The worldwide educational room. Complex tendencies in college education and learning. Complex educational program. The principal sign of invention is just a revolutionary beginning in The maturation of the faculty or college compared to the based mass and customs clinics. Traditionally, the dimensions (quantity) […]

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Google tools for teachers

Speakers online conference Education on Air showed how to create comics, posters, individual schedule, and other useful things. The Education on Air conference was held by Google may 8 and 9 and joined thousands of students around the world. Of course, many speakers shared with the audience their experience with the tools of the company-organizer. […]

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