Hopes and Dreams (and New Challenges)

Do you aspire to attain your dreams? Do you create goals from your hopes and dreams? Put the right things in motion to help you, push yourself and reach outside of your comfort zone to make the things that matter, happen.

The hopes and dreams of Robohand, to give away the plans to the world for free so individuals can create their own 3D printed mechanical hands and help people in their own communities is a firm reality.

The global movement of young and old who have taken the free design of Robohand and recreated something is phenomenal. To having no prosthetic fingers or hands available when Rich lost his own, to now having a multitude of variations is over whelming. Thank you!

We now face our next challenge. A challenge, where we cannot create something physical to overcome it. On the 16th October 2014, Rich was diagnosed with Cancer. This was a blow to our family and friends. The emotional roller-coaster that you speed along on, when something like this happens is indescribable.

Rich has had the tumour removed and will start receiving treatment mid January 2015. Please send good vibes his way.